Phú Quốc Terminal

Phú Quốc Island, Việt Nam’s bonded terminal and jetty facility is developed in a world-class phased approach. Currently under development, Phase One involves the construction of a 120,000-cubic-metre bonded oil storage terminal, with a water surface of 80 hectares for the jetty. Segmented into three building phases (Phase 1: 120,000 cubic meters, Phase 2: 120,000 cubic meters, Phase 3: 260,000 cubic meters) all phases included, the PV BaronPoint Phú Quốc facility could aggregate to a total capacity of up to 500,000 cubic meters of terminal space. Additionally, the business plan calls for an assorted fleet of vessels – MRs, Handymax-size and small-size – catering to cargo transporting and bunkering/floating storage offtake.

Phú Quốc Island’s status as an infrastructure project of national significance for Việt Nam has compelled management’s intentions to adhere to a ‘Việt Nam First’ policy.

“We are making use of as much local material, manpower and services as available and acquired in Việt Nam for the Phú Quốc facility. The Việtnamese people and marketplace is very modernized and capable. In accordance with the best possible global market pricing and terms, and standards of quality set through independent voluntary consensus standards such as ASTM, the useful life of our facility will support multiple generations and betterment of the Việtnamese people hydrocarbon supply channel in the south of this rapidly growing region of South East Asia.”

– Mr. James Philip Coppola III, Chairman of Management Board
PV BaronPoint Terminal Systems JSC